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    Eric Bischoff

    You forgot or overlooked or missed a few critical points and maybe it’s because of your own propagandized filters.

    I would trade their healthy banks for our corrupt ones any day.

    They are doing quite well considering ongoing trade sanctions.

    How well would our economy perform, if we were under global trade sanctions as we should be for our warmongering.

    Are you sure you are talking about Orsk because i It sounds like you are describing Detroit or Akron or….

    Let’s be honest we get the Saudis to manipulate oil prices in order to cripple Iran, Russia and Venezuela. So much for the free market hypocrisy.

    I venture to say that we wouldn’t be the winners always in the economy if we allowed the free market to prevail. Come to think of it conservative republicans wouldn’t win much either if they didn’t rig and cheat our election system.


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