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    I agree in its entirety, your message. It breaks my heart that there are those in power that would throw away many successful years as a republic , for a socialism that has failed every time it has been tried. Do we NEVER learn from our past mistakes? Please stop this hell before it becomes too late!

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    This article is the first I have read that I almost totally agree with. I cannot discuss politics with anyone, because I have friends that are far left and far right. I have suggested it would be a good idea to tone down name-calling and hateful remarks and action to spare hurt, to no avail. I have seen my left leaning friends and relatives suddenly decide that any conservative who voted for Trump is an ignoramous of enormous proportions,and I receive glowing, gushing remarks about our “wonderful, Christian president” from my friends on the right! I don’t fit anywhere, so I do not discuss politics. I trust that America will some day become tespectful of differing opinions, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

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    That is so well written and the truth told in every paragraph!!! This should be in the newspapers so the people of America can have the chance of learning the truth.

    They have been told lies by the Media every single day of their lives that they believe them and hate Trump even more. Most of my family in America are in this category and no matter what I say, they will not listen!!! They have not heard anything good about the President just all the negativity and hateful descriptions of him!!! Do they every turn their Channel to FOX news & others who are not biased and tell nothing but the truth to the people of America??


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