Elizabeth Warren’s Anti-Entrepreneur ‘You didn’t build that on your own’ Speech… Part II | Patriots4Wealth

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    Poco-hon-tas is delusional.

    We pay taxes (maybe she doesn’t) and that money is, in theory, used to build and maintain roads and other necessary assets for commerce in the USA.

    She is either stupid . . . . or simply a Demented-Dem . . . . either way she is living proof that TDS is Terminal. ?

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    Every Business is taxed for the roads and other services they use while building their business. The government does not get to come along later and say that what they charged for those things is not enough. It would be like a restaurant taking your money one night and then charging you again for the same mean the next night. It is utterly absurd to suggest that a businesses debt to society isn’t paid in full at every point at which the government accepts payment for that business’ taxes. This type of theory would make it possible for the government to come along at any time and say that any or all tax payers didn’t pay enough when they paid their taxes in full each year. The sky would then be the limit on the back taxes they could arbitrarily impose out of thin air on people. Obama, Warren and any one else spouting this garbage lack both logic and understanding. This is the insanity of the Left and extremely dangerous.


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