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    Donald Breaux

    NO Not Tax Payers Responsibility

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    Since unions are extortion rackets, they need to be investigated by the Federal government for extortion, racketeering, and use of threats against political candidates. Union pension plans are subject to the U.S. Constitution’s Commerce Clause and should be investigated for failing to maintain pension plans because of unlawfully using pension monies for things other than pensions. Unions should be shut down if they support one political candidate over another. They are purportedly established to protect the workers, not becomes a support of political candidates, or political parties.

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    Let the DNC and Soros bail them out. NO Taxpayer funds should go to them.

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    Grover Wilkerson

    The government has been stealing Social Security for years,why should the taxpayer support bailing out the Unions.

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    Emmett Gomez

    Should we be required to bail out the pension funds run by unions or any government entity. My answer is “Fuck NO.”

    They put themselves in this mess through greed so “Fuck Them.”

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    In no way should we allow our tax dollars to be paid to these overpaid union workers. Let the Union pay for them!!!!

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    D. Deal

    Absolutely not! Furthermore, loony democrat-led states such as California should not – under any circumstances – be bailed out when they are forced to declare bankruptcy. They get themselves into their mess – let them clean up their own mess. The rest of the population should not have to pay for their spendthrift errors.

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    Pease David

    What part of you pay for your own damn education!

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    Shirley wharton

    Absolutely not. They need to go on a budget. If they over spent should not have contributed money to anything. I am tired of paying for others screw up

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    no way should my taxes bail out the unions retirement or anything. that doeos benefit me inanyway.

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    Clifford Cline

    Tax payers should never have to bail out union pensions or any other wealthy persons pensions they should have to save their own selves just like the working men and women do.

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    Bailing out labor unions is NOT the responsibility of the taxpayer.
    Mismanagement of the funds and promises of benefits falls on the heads of those
    paid huge sums of money to deliver to the members. Union members should cover and pay for their own retirement benefits NOT the taxpayer.

    No one is going to bail me out if my retirement is not sufficiently funded. I will be told that it’s “my responsibility”.

    Unions should not be allowed to buy votes in Congress. Period.

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    ernest bethel jr

    unions have outlived their usefulness. the fact they are wanting the taxpayers to help them is atrocious and should not happen.
    kinda like san francisco is wanting fed help their sanctuary cities. maybe they should drop the free college education for ILLEGALS. drop all the freebies . maybe they should care more about the American people, especially the Veterans

  14. 15

    Desert Fox

    Hell, NO!~ It’s the unions responsibility and we do not have to bail them out. What have they done with all of the dues the have collected? Is it going into their own pockets? Investigate!

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    and soon the out of control unfunded mandate of Union pensions going south for all of the unnecessary unions that some politicians allowed to represent government workers…

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    Statesman Patriot

    Union pensions can’t fulfill their promises to the members because of corruption in their leadership! There has always been corruption where leaders raid the pension funds to pay for political actions.
    Members would be smart to transfer their funds to an outside account that they control.

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    I do not support bailing out union pensions with taxpayers dollars. The majority of the working people who are not part of unions do not get the pay they get and do not get pensions they get or other benefits. I do not believe in unions and they are run by the democrats and they support the democrats with union dues and I say take the union dues what is left and give to the workers pension funds. Do not use taxpayers monies to bail them out. If there is no more minuet gave the DNC bail them out with their funds for campaigning since they contributed their funds to the democrats campaigns anyway.

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    Michael Harper

    I fully support unions and their important and necessary work to protect employees. I am a retired teacher and have been a proud member of NEA/IEA and AFT/IFT. No one was “forced” to join the union. The “Pension Crisis” in Illinois is the result of the state legislators (admittedly from both parties) historically ignoring their responsibility to contribute to the pension fund as agreed. I resent your characterization of unions in this article, and will be sure to share this misinformation with family and friends!

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    My father had a trucking business, He knew his drivers for 30+ yrs.
    When the unions came in, they demanded to run the pension fund.
    Then they stole the money and demanded my father reimburse the fund, even though they had forbid him to be in charge of it. They trusted their union bosses.

    PS, The union came to my father, and said if he didn’t replace the money, they would kill him and our family. He went to a lawyer, who told him to replace the money and close the company.

    After years of knowing his drivers, he went to them and said he would shut the shop if they didn’t stop the threats. They told him, if we take an offer to work for you non union, they will kill us….

    SO, bottom line, the company closed.
    Very sad. Men who had worked for him for years, he knew their families, they took his trucks and worked independent and my dad never said a word.

    To this day, he is a broken man….. This is what you get from unions…


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