Why Warren Buffett has a Lower Tax Rate than his Secretary | Patriots4Wealth

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    Bill Akins

    Add: Much of the income is not in the form of cash, but in the form of plants, equipment, etc. Those are not taxed until they are sold or the companies are sold. At that time, they pay tax and then pay tax again in the form of inheritance tax when they die.

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    Donna English

    I sure wish people like Buffet, many other very rich people would start helping us elderly, very low income, we can hardly eat/function!! No one cares about the difficulties and struggles we have. Why are we left behind, why can’t we be helped…..don’t the rich care about us, gather donations to help us survive? I don’t get it, I cry all the time for all of us! I’ve never seen anyone come up with ideas or ways to help us eat, and survive…..how sad!!!


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