Billionaires Could Pay Nearly 100% Tax Under Bernie’s Plan | Patriots4Wealth

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    Funny!!! This old hypocrite bastard, with three mansions, doesn’t consider himself RICH!!!

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    Yeah, sure enough with the bs. They deserved to be taxed a little higher upwards of 45%-50%. Last year I owed about $1500.00 dollars this year I owed $6500.00 bucks.
    My tax bill quintuple with trump’s tax cuts, thanks a lot to this a-hole.

  3. 3

    Pj Johnson

    What would anyone vote for Bernie Sanders the nazi? He would destroy America. Anyone who works and has money need to keep their money. Lazy liberals need to get a job. Bernie has never worked a day in his miserable life. Socialist pig old nazi. Deport his nazi but to russia.


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