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    George Soros is the aberration. Human kind is competitive and will not tolerate communistic government if given the choice between the possibility of personal rise above the common and boring dull sameness enforced. Humans are basically tribal and always root for their own. i cannot imagine the USA submitting to Europeans making it’s law

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    He is one severely mixed up American Jew. And it is possible maybe globalism will take hold one day. But just for a time. And then they will all see who they were really working for during their attempts at the power behind globalism. But then.. all will “bow” one day. Every knee shall bow…and every tongue shall confess…the truth to all man will come out.

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    …I firmly believe that someone will blow George’s head clean off. I believe he deserves it…and at some point…a government somewhere around the world will put a hit on George, and they will be cleaning his brains off a wall somewhere. That will be a good day.

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    Carey L West

    Soros is an aberration. He’s got to go!

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    Dear George–
    if things work right -you won’t be around to see the 2020 election–
    just as well -since the winner will be Trump in a sweep-
    and your puppets obama and schiff may see prison time-hillary of course is going away-
    and all your holdings are going to be sanctioned-CNN-goes out of business-and all your leftist organizations get scrutinized and shut down–

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      Alice Cokefair

      Steve, May your comments go from your keyboard to the Lord’s ears! KAGA

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    Michael Lawrence

    Yes, ultimately the world will be made up of sovereign Federal Republics and will only need a global police force and thus end military conflicts among nations. However there will always be cultural, scientific and athletic competition. And Trump is not an aberration. As long as there are violent totalitarian states and corrupt ideologues like Soros, western Democracies must maintain thier national identities, ie., “nationalism.” America’s Constitution is in fact the roadmap for other nations to avhieve globalism. Unfortunately, power hungry corrupt oligarchs like Soros disdain the individual freedoms America’s Founders endeavored to bestow upon mankind. Soros has contempt for the masses, believes he is thier superior and thus has the right to dictate thier fate. Unlike, the Judeo Christian principles of our Founders that inspired them to create a just and merciful system of self,community and national governance.

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    We all know Soros has spent billions trying to ruin the US to try to sway our goverment to his biddings. Soros groups are the ones who set up the immigrant caravans sending hundreds of thousands of immigrants to our borders to overwhelm our system costing American taxpayers hundreds of billions every year while causing thousands of immigrants to die while traveling to our borders. Soros is the enemy of many countries, many that no longer allow him into their countries and he needs to be stopped.

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    Spoken by the scum who’s own country wants him dead.

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    George Soros. Satan’s right hand. The globalization is what the devil covet and all those globalists are helping him. The demoniac Demoncrats are Acolytes of Satan. No wonder they despise God, Christ, or anything related to Christianity.

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    If globalism is so great at taking care of things why hasn’t it addressed Soros’ involvement with the Nazi party? Why is all of it attention on trying to “correct” things that don’t need correcting.

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    He and others like him are responsible for experimenting communism on Eastern Europe after WWII. He is trying to roll-out the great results on Western Europe and North America. Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin are his idols … As long as we only condemn Hitler and we don’t condemn those for ten of millions of killed and hundreds of millions oppressed this brainwashing and offensive will continue. Communism should be subject of a trial like Holocaust.


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