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    Robert Gagliardi

    The college athletes should be paid by getting their college paid for,not cash.

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    Ron jr

    Colleges athletes are getting a free or full ride University Scholarship. That is enough. Because their degree is an honorary one not a scholastic one. Degrees require much more reading and studying than a tired out athhlete can muster. Thus an honorary degree or paycheck for your athletic ability and service. Enough booster cash sneaks their way into college athletics already. So my answer is NO PAY TO PLAY COLLEGE SPORTS.

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      The way booster cash, and scholarships, and revenue from athletic activities is handled needs to be overhauled. They claim these sports are non-professional, i.e. non-paid but we know that is garbage. Everyone involved in these activities is making money. The schools, the coaches, the marketers, the stadiums themselves, the equipment manufacturers, you name it. It amounts to millions and millions in revenues. We see the salaries of the pros so to pretend that these monies aren’t being paid to the big athletes is a lie pure and simple. So it needs to be more open and transparent. We should cover some student athletes expenses for example and have a set of rules that gives athletes their fair share. After all when they aren’t paid in some way, shape, or form that is just added motivation to jump to the pros and we all know it. Baseball, for example, doesn’t even really count. They already have a “farm” system for development which is really what college athletics is all about.

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    John Q. Public

    College athletes are making these colleges and coaches, etc., big money. Even tv contracts, shoe contracts, etc. So the athletes MUST be paid. Just like a child entertainer who is under the age of consent and so forth. The money should be paid into a fund to help student athletes especially those who cannot afford a education. That way taxpayers will not have to fund so much of this, even scholarships simply don’t cover the costs of these activities, equipment, buses, airplanes and so forth. Only certain sports actually make money but , and this needs to be clear, this money needs to used to offset the costs not make someone rich. A trustee should be named and audited regularly to ensure this money is going where it is intended.

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    I agree that College ahteletes are already geting a pay check through their scholarship.


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