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    Tisha Burdick

    Your article “Meds are Expensive Because You’re Confused” is misleading. We ALL know meds are expensive and we ALL know they have no one taking big pharma to task. This is not news. What IS news for some is there is a bill, all be it a lousy one, that would guarantee US consumers would pay no more than 120% of the cost big pharma charges foreign countries for the exported drugs. This whole subject is absolutely ridiculous. Certainly big pharma has a right to recover R&D costs of which the FDA scoops a huge amount and while the drugs are shipped overseas, we languish waiting many more years for the drug to come on the US market. Bottom line, revamp FDA, force higher prices on foreign drugs, deliver drugs at a significant discount to US citizens.

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      It’s why Big Pharm doesn’t want marijuana legalized either. In the old days that’s what they used. This is why God gave us all these plants for. You don’t have to get high from marijuana and it has shown to help with a lot of things. Big Pharm is going bankrupt and is the reason they’re pushing vaccines.

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    I may be confused but that’s a separate issue. My med prices are NOT expensive because I dont use any and I’m NOT confused about that and most of big pharma’s crap doesnt even work.


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