Sheriff Claims Pastor Hid Congregants From Him on Easter, Fines Him $1,000 With a Threat of Jail Time | Patriots4Wealth

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    This Sheriff needs his arse kicked.

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    The point that they could go home and infect their families is more. If their families are with them then it’s mote. This is just the left taking away our religious freedom. I notice they stick up for Muslims all the time. If there was enough room to separate then it’s the same as going to the supermarket. This and gun control is the first to be taken away. As the citizens of China and other communist countries. The democrats are communist not socialist and are providing it more and more using the virus as a guise. Some want to keep this up for 2 years. Can you imagine? By that time it’ll be too late. We’d probably have more deaths from suicide and drug overdoses than the virus.

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      I believe that this is a political maneuver to frighten the population of this country and to take away the rights of the citizens in order to defeat this President.
      The headlines already read a President is never re-elected during a down economy. The Democrats are willing to let thousand suffer and die because they closed everyone off from each other to personally interact but allowed to converse in email and phone calls that are being monitored to Be used in the news.
      Why has there been no mention of the fact that the world is at peace and that every citizen of the world are working together toward a common goal.
      Never in the history of the world has this happened before but it is completely disregarded.
      The reason in my mind is that you must separate and cause friction between all people to control them
      I have traveled around the world on business no pleasure and I have met people of all walks of life and all religions and all colors. The common thread among all people of this planet is to have a decent home and a way to provide for their families and a better life for their children.
      So where is the conflict? The only conflicts in the world are caused by our leaders on purpose to keep them in power. Without our leaders the world would be a much safer place.
      The other good news, the planet has had almost no pollution, the world population has finally been instructed in personal hygiene and personal responsibility which has never been done in the past. With knowledge we can conquer all that troubles mankind.
      If the world population spent 15 minutes to visualize the virus declining and dying out it would be the greatest achievement of mankind to use the unity of thought to end all suffering and pain and user in a new way of thinking. The news has been bought and paid for by the people that own the news so it really isn’t news is it

      A citizen of the Earth

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    “make no law abridging the right of the people to peacefully assemble” words in the 1st amendment. So this would make the Stay home mandates a direct violation of this bill of rights amendment?


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