Team Biden Panics As Leaked Ukraine Phone Calls May Require Appointment of a Special Counsel | Patriots4Wealth

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    Daniel Rhoads

    It proves that Joe Biden has been affected by the “Rep. Adam Schiiff virus which causes criminal Democratic leaders to become serial liars and lies at will to we, the American people and are not to be believed as the truth at all”!! There is no known cure for this “except indictment for perjury by we, the American voters and sent to our own personal jail of denying the office of President in the 2020 election, just like we did in the case of Hillary Clinton, which is our role model for this action!! If they will not convict Joe Biden for the lies to we the American people, we, the American voters will in the 2020 election!!!! Food for thought in the 2020 election!!!!!….


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