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    Unfortunatel ” people who do not learn from their mistakes, are condemned to repeat them. This has been the fact of Kalifornia, I lived there from 1973 to 1994, the governors,sierra club, all activist there, wanted all logging, and anything in the woods elimminated. this started everythings,downward spiral. I worked for the forest service, they stopped us from actually cleaning up these,tinder boxes, everywhere, in favor of preserving, these drought stricken die=off of the forests, which left over=lay of dead fuel,trees,underbrush fuel. I mean WTFis wrong with these stupid dam people.Many logger friends and myself would cut firewood every weekend to just get rid of alot of this dead stuff in the forest, then the government would try to stop us from getting rid of dead fuel, so this crap has been going on for 50 + years, just now the forests are dead everywhere and idiot governors like jackass,newson,brown, are the ones to blame, it isn’t the bs climate change, it’s dead fuel everywhere and will keep happening until some one uses their brains, and not propaganda, about climate change.


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